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We are a very active and social Nordic Walking Group who are embracing the new WALX concept. We continue to offer all levels of walks for all levels of health and fitness. Our base is High Woods Country Park in Colchester, the first Nordic Walking Park in the UK, but we also have regular walks across North East Essex.   We continue to provide Taster and Learn to Walk Sessions so that the Nordic Walking technique can be correctly learnt for the maximum benefits and for those wishing to get started more quickly we offer the ‘Power of the Poles’ taster and lessons.

We have now expanded our walking group so that we can draw on the specialism within our team to include Yoga, Mindfulness, Pilates and Somatics within our classes.  Our team are well experienced to work with varying populations of walkers. Angela and Bob have worked closely  with the Parkinson’s Association to expand ‘walking with poles’ into our group for those with balance issues or who are simply new to pole walking. Penny is also qualified to work with ‘special populations’ so that we continue to be as inclusive as possible with our groups.

If its a faster more WorkOut WALX for you then this is provided by us. The use of poles will work the upper body and help tone and burn up the calories.

Our Wellness Walx are particularly ‘mindful’, as we encourage our clients to notice and enjoy being outside in ‘green spaces’.

Whichever Walx you chose you can be assured you are in experienced hands and our aim to make exercise and movement enjoyable and safe for you.

Angela King

Angela has a long history of teaching within the fitness sector.  She qualified as a Nordic Walking UK instructor in 2012, and in 2019 undertook specialised training with Parkinson’s UK, devising a Parkinson’s-friendly programme for walking.  She has organised annual walking trips to Ireland since 2015.  Now a qualified WALX instructor, Angela is also training to teach Somatics, a highly effective method of neuromuscular education, which works with the nervous system to relieve chronic pain.

Angela brings all her expertise to bear in the WALX programmes offered by WALX 2 WELLNESS.

Robert Brown

Bob is an experienced and popular Instructor. His walks focus on both the work out element of a walk but also Bob appreciates that hie walkers like to take the occasional breather and enjoy the scenery. You will find Bob’s walks at both High woods Country Park and along the old disused Crab and Winkle coastal railway way line at Brightlingsea.

Penny Baxter

Penny originally set up the group after she trained to be an Instructor about 10 years ago. Walks with Penny are mainly the faster Total Body Walx or the Wellness Walx where you can expect some Yogic movements and a mindful approach to the nature around the Country Park

Diane Archer

Di is a well experienced Walk Leader who enjoys leading the faster Nordic Walx. She walks regularly in High Woods Country Park not only with us but also with the U3A.


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